The Pirate Penguins Song

illustration penguin

Up and down the gang plank boys
The rigging and the sails
We are the Pirate Penguins
From our beaks down to our tails

Priscilla Potty is our Queen
She lead’s a merry band
A Captains hat upon her head
Her word is our command

She is cruel as stormy seas boys
And slippery as an eel
Her eyes are hard as diamonds
Her heart is cold as steel

We’ll follow her across the waves
Towards the icy seas
To terrorize the fishing lanes
A’ taking what we please

We will plunder pickled herring lads
From the ships upon the sea
But on Tuesdays we’ll go shopping
And have fish and chips for tea

We’ll head out to Antarctica
The land from which we came
If we get there before Thursday
Then we might come back again

Our ship will be The Haddock Bone
Jolly Rodger on the mast
To help, and be our lookout
We might bring the Giraffe

So it’s all along the bowline boys
To sing our melody
We are the pirate penguins
Though we’ve never been to sea


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